Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for my pup to stay at "Comforts of Home K9 Retreat?"

For the health and safety of our guests, pups must have a Vet Record showing the following Up-To-Date Vaccinations::
** Rabies
** Bordetella
** Influenza

If your pup is long-overdue on required vaccinations, we will require them to be administered at a minimum of one week before arrival at COH. This is for your pup's health & safety, as well as our other furry-guests.

Puppies must be at least 4 months of age to board, with completion of their
Full Vaccination Series including::
{{ 4x Boosters + Rabies + Bordetella + Both Influenza Vaccines }}

Males must be Neutered by their 1st Birthday {or soon after.}
Females must be Spayed after their 1st Heat Cycle {typically around 6 Months.}

Pups must be Flea & Tick Free.

We can not take in any "Fence Jumpers"

All pups must be Non-Aggressive to Humans and/or other Pups.
Due to Insurance purposes, there are certain breeds like Pit Bull's, Rottweilers, Chow's, Doberman Pinscher's (Mini's are an exception,) Akita's, Wolf Hybrid's, Huskies, German Shepherd's and a few other breeds - that we aren't allowed to take in. :(

Along with the Up-To-Date Shot Record, we keep 3x Forms in your pup's file that will need to be filled out & signed. You only have to fill out the Forms if this is your first visit with us.

What all do I need to bring?

1. Your pup(s) up-to-date Shot Record showing:: DHLPP - Rabies - Bordetella - and Influenza Vaccinations

2. 3x Forms {If this is your first time boarding at COH}

3. Your pup's Food, packaged in a baggy or container for freshness. This is not required, but is recommended being a sudden change in diet can sometimes cause an upset tummy. If you choose to not bring your pup's food from home, we will provide our House Dog Food.

4. Optional:: You are welcome to bring your pup's bedding, toys, etc. to keep in their private suite. A favorite blanket or t-shirt is recommended. **We will provide all suites with a comfy bed, blanket, toys, plus food & water bowls. So whatever you bring from home is completely optional.**

5. Payment for your pup's Full Stay is due at Drop-Off. Payment can be made with your Debit/Credit Card -or- Cash. Checks are Not accepted. **If you pay in cash at Check-In, you will receive $5 off your stay.**

Can all of my pups share a suite?

Absolutely!! As long as they're from the same home and can eat the same food. If they need separated during feeding, then you will need to pay for a separate room. Our suites are large enough for a crate to fit inside -- so that is an option for you if you want your pups to share a room, but they need separated to dine and or sleep. If this is something you're interested in doing, please send me a message and understand that you are agreeing to bring your own crate in order to receive the discounted price for sharing the one suite.

Will you administer my pup's medication?

Yes! There is an area on the "Canine Member Information" Form where you can fill out the details on medications. Or you can include a note stating the Medications Name, Dosage to give and at what Time(s.) We do not however, administer shots. There is no additional charge for us to administer meds to your pup.

Can I take a tour of "Comforts of Home K9 Retreat?"

Please understand that "Comforts of Home" is not like your traditional boarding facility. The pups are having a fun-filled day playing with their new fuzzy-friends and or just casually lazing around the house. We do not have a full staff that can keep these pups entertained in a separate area, while I give tours. Because of our "free-roam" set up, insurance purposes, and as well as keeping the pups "stranger-danger" anxieties at bay - we have to put each and every baby up in their suite during any human visits.

We do our very best at showing every detail of how COH operates through our website or Facebook page with written details and lots and lots of pictures -- what you see in the pictures, is *exactly what you'll see when you get here!! We also encourage you to not just take our word, but to read all of the comments and reviews from other families left about us on Google or our Facebook page. We were Voted #1 in "Pet Boarding" for Saline County, our very first year in business - and every year following!! ;D That being said, we do understand if everything you've seen or heard is just not good enough and you want to see everything in person. In this case, you are invited for a tour by appointment, during normal business hours and on one of our slower days. We sincerely appreciate your understanding. :)

What will my pup do while there?

We start our day around 6:00 am with a quick dash outside for a potty break and then some play to get those "morning wiggles" out. Everyone then returns to his/her private suite for breakfast time... most fall back to sleep pretty fast after their tummies are full. This rest period after eating is very important to help eliminate upset stomach or stomach bloat, by allowing the food to digest properly. We're then back into playtime, potty breaks and getting some good ol' snuggles. Pups go back into their private suites for dinner around 5:00pm, followed by a rest period for digestion --- then another big playtime --- typically by 8:00 the pups are done, ready for bedtime. During this time frame we clean up their dinner, fluff up their beds and give them each one-on-one, night-night snuggles and belly-rubs. --- At 10:00pm we do one last potty break, and then us humans retire for some shut eye. The end result; everyone is happy & tired, therefore getting a good night's rest and then starting all over the next morning at 6:00! ;D

What if my pup gets sick or injured while at "COH?"

We are "Pet First Aid / CPR Certified." In the course of an emergency, we will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact on our way to the vet. Our main priority is to make sure that not only our fur-guests are having a fun time and feel loved, but that they are also in a good-healthy state during their stay. We keep a careful eye on each baby daily - paying attention to bowel movements, making sure they are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, that they're alert, etc. We will notify you immediately of any signs/symptoms we feel you should be aware of.

Why is my pup so sleepy after visiting "Comforts of Home K9 Retreat?"

Just like when us humans go on vacation -- you're having a blast, seeing new places, sleeping in a new place, making new friends and doing lots of fun new activities. Then you get home and you're tuckered out from all the fun & excitement you just had. All 100% normal and a good sign that your pup played hard & had a good time at COH!! ;D

What times can I pick up and drop off?

All Pick Ups & Drop Offs are by Appointment Only. This is due to the fact that the pups are free-roaming throughout the house or we're all outside playing. Also, due to insurance purposes and for "stranger danger" anxieties some of the pups may get, all pups have to be put up during any human visits. If you set a time but need to change it up, no problem! :)

Monday-Friday 8:00-6:00
Sunday 2:00-6:00

Our rates run like a Hotel for Humans - your Nightly Rate covers from the time you Check-In until Check-Out time the next day.

Check-Out time is by Noon; Monday-Friday.
by 4:00 on Sundays.

Pups are welcome to stay past their Check-Out time, but you will be charged a $10 Daycare fee each puparoo. **If you have not picked up your pup(s) by 6:00, you will be charged for a Nights Stay and will need to make plans to pick them up the following day {except Saturday}**

**~ Holidays & Peak Dates May Differ ~**

What about Holidays or Peak Times?

Our Family is honored to spend the Holidays with your pup!! Please be mindful though, there will be
No Drop-Offs (or) Pick-Ups on the following days::
{{ New Year's - Easter - Mother's Day - Memorial Day - Father's Day }}
{{ 4th of July - Labor Day - Halloween - Thanksgiving }}
{{ Christmas Eve - Christmas Day }}

A Two-Night Minimum + 3 Day Advance Cancellation policy will be in effect in order for you to receive your deposit back during the following Peak Times::
{{ New Years Eve - New Years Day - Easter Weekend }}
{{ Memorial Day Weekend - 4th of July Week - Labor Day Weekend }}
{{ Thanksgiving Week - Christmas Week }}

**New Pups are not accepted during peak boarding dates. If you'd like for your pup to stay with us during a peak boarding time, we ask that you make reservations to board with us at least one night prior to the peak dates needed. Because of the number of pups boarding at these times, it is important that all pets staying with us be suitable to some form of group interaction. Being in a new place can be a bit stressful for some, and by visiting COH prior to staying during a peak time will help them feel more comfortable.

Are reservations required?

They are not required -but- are highly recommended. We are a much smaller boarding facility than your average, which has its major pluses when it comes to the one-on-one love and attention each and every pup receives while here at COH, among other positives. However, the downside to being smaller is that we do tend to book up faster, being we can't take as many pups in. Weekends, Holidays and Peak Times especially tend to fill up fast, and many families start reserving weeks (sometimes months) before those peak dates.
We only require a deposit of $32 down in order to hold your pup's dates & suite -- which is 100% refundable as long as you simply give a 24 Hour Notice of Cancellation // 72 Hours during Holiday or Peak Times. If you know your dates, get your babies' spot reserved -- then there are no last minute worries!! ;)

Where will my pup eat / sleep?

For the safety of all pups, everyone eats in their own private suite. This helps eliminate any food aggression, upset tummies, and helps us to monitor the amount each pup is eating. Naps are taken anywhere from outside while sunbathing in the sun, on the pups very own window seat in the playroom, in the comforts of home (on a couch, laid out on the floor..) or swaddled up in one of the many dog-beds we have scattered throughout. All bedtime sleeps are in the pup's own private suite. We do also allow "Human Bed Sleeping," which is another one of those bonuses that makes "Comforts of Home" so special. Of course, we humans feel as though we're the lucky ones! ;D We do understand however, not all puparoos are allowed to sleep with their humans and we definitely don't want to send anyone home with new unwanted habits -- simply Check "Yes" or "No" on the Forms you'll bring with you to Drop-Off. If you check yes, it's not always a guarantee they will get to cuddle up next to a human in their bed... we typically do not allow pups from different homes to mingle and sleep together, due to possible jealousy issues. But either way, you can rest assured that your baby will be pampered and have a peaceful nights rest.

What if my pup is elderly or has health conditions?

We stay observant of any pup that may need extra breaks, medicines, or who aren't as playful like back in their younger days. Oftentimes older pets do enjoy the company of others, and prefer watching them from a comfy cot on the sidelines. We are consistently reading everyone's body language, so we can typically be a step ahead in predicting when someone has had enough. This is where being "Pet First Aid / CPR Certified" comes into play as well -- knowing signs / body language to look for. :)

What are your rates & what is included?

$32 / 1st Pup
$22 / 2nd Pup {discount if sharing a suite & from the same family}
$18 / 3rd Pup {discount if sharing a suite & from the same family}

At each of our overnight stays, your pup is in the comforts of an actual home, has the choice to participate in group play / socialization, get as much one-on-one human interaction their lil' heart desires, and will have their very own private, luxury suite. Each suite has either a fluffy-bed or raised Kuranda dog bed that combines soft, off the floor comfort. We also supply blankets, toys, food & water bowls. We start our day at 6:00 am and do our last potty-break at 10:00 pm. Your pup will receive a daily, personal turn-down service after a long, happy day playing with friends. Each meal is served in their personal suite along with fresh water each and every day. There are no hidden fees -- this rate covers any medications your pup requires, specific feeding schedules, taxi service to and from the groomer, if your pup is not 100% potty-trained, & extra snuggles. ;) Tax included. Food, Treats, Bully Sticks, Kongo's filled with fun surprises - also included. Although we do strongly encourage you to bring your pup's own personal food, being sometimes new foods can upset their tummy. Daily picture updates personally texted, also included. And we do offer a $5 Discount off your Total if you pay in cash.

Do you offer any dicounts?

We do! When boarding multiple pups together from the same family and in the same suite; We offer a
{ $10 Discount } for the 2nd Pup and { $14 Discount } for the 3rd Pup each night.

We offer a { $5 Discount } off your Total if you pay in cash.

We offer a { $5 Discount } for leaving a review on our Facebook page and/or Google Reviews... We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do so, Thank You! :)

And we also offer a { FREE Night Stay } for *each referral you send our way that stays at least 2x Nights with us and writes your name as their referral. No Limits!! We are SO appreciative and what better way to say, "THANKS!" than with a FREE Night Stay!! ;D

Also, be sure to follow us on our Facebook page where we offer Discounts or FREE Nights randomly throughout the year!!

How do I make a reservation?

There are several ways you can make a reservation!
#1 - Click on the "Reservation Request" tab on this website. Answer a few Questions. Submit. It's that simple. :)

#2 - Send me a message by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab.
Message us through Facebook::
Email at::
OR send a Text:: 870.415.0656

#3 - If you can't do any of the options above, please feel free to give me a call and we'll go from there! 870.415.0656

Are there any risks with my pup being at "Comforts of Home?"

There are always risks when you get a group of pups together. Just like there are risks when you send human kids to school, or even when a big group of human adults get together in an area...

Pups playing together may accidentally get poked by a long toenail or get a "playful / accidental bite." A playful puppy may get too far into another pup's personal space, causing them to snip out of reaction {not aggression.} Pups could also sprain an ankle while playing chase or hurt a tooth playing tug-of-war; two all-time-favorite games around here. ;)

Also, similar to how a human cold virus can quickly be passed around, so can kennel cough (another wording for a dog cold.) A pup can very well have the kennel cough virus and not show any signs or symptoms for a couple days. And just like the human cold, it is highly contagious - just by breathing around others. Just how a human can get a flu vaccine, but still catch the flu because it's a different strain -- Same risks with the Bordetella Vaccine.

All of these reasoning's are exactly why we took the extra steps in becoming, "Pet First Aid / CPR Certified" and why the pups are under constant supervision. We watch body language; get to know personalities, the likes and dislikes of our furry-guests. We're consistently watching behaviors... Do they act like they don't feel good, show a loss of appetite, etc. All this, so we can help eliminate a situation before it even starts. It is also why we are strict on each pup being up-to-date on their shots and we are consistently cleaning & disinfecting. Having "Comforts of Home K9 Retreat" based out of our home - where we have our own human & fur-kids alike - you can bet your boots that we are doing everything in our power to have a Happy, Healthy, Clean atmosphere for everyone!!

Why choose "Comforts of Home K9 Retreat?"

There's a reason behind why we have been Voted #1 in Boarding in Saline County Every Year we've been open as a Business by the community and from families that board with us from out of town alike. We genuinely adore these babies and love building bonds with them as their "Home Away from Home." ;)

It is our goal at "COH," that although the pups are being boarded - they have no clue!!
They just know they're in a loving home, making new fuzzy-friends and getting the
best belly rubs around!! :)

COH is our family home that we have combined as a business by building a large custom doggy-playroom off the back of our home. Including built-in doggy-suites; each custom designed where pups can choose to see out or have privacy. We also have indoor-outdoor kennels and crates that we have camouflaged throughout our home. Each pup has their very own private in-home suite to call their own during their stay, complete with all the luxuries a pup could ask for!!

Being home based has many benefits, like being able to be there for your pup's needs
day -or- night. The "staff" is our family, so your pup builds a genuine bond with the same humans every time they come. This bond & consistency tremendously helps to eliminate any stress that can come with being boarded. We also keep it on a much smaller scale than your traditional boarding facilities. This guarantee's each and every puparoo is wrapped in 24/7 love & attention, and it also means
the risk for pups catching spreadable viruses is lessened.

Each pup has a day full of pampering, sunbathing, lounging around the house, playing chase, going on walks on our personally owned 3 acres & surrounding woods or just having a howlin' good time playing with their new fuzzy-friends outside -or- in our in-home, doggy playroom!!

As pet owners ourselves, we fully understand the anxieties of leaving your fur-baby... we have such a love and passion for these babies and it is our desire to make them feel just as loved and comforted here as they are in their own home. We are happy to text daily picture updates of your pup's day,
so you can hopefully rest a little easier.

We encourage you to visit our Facebook page where you can read Reviews from
other families & see lots of Pictures!! :D


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