1. "Up-To-Date" SHOT RECORD showing these 4 Vaccines::
                    {{ DHLPP - Rabies - Bordetella - Influenza }}
     Your pup will  not be accepted at Check-In without a Vet record. This is for all
     other pups' safety as well as your own babies.
     Puppies must be at least 4 Months of age to board, with completion of Full
     Vaccination Series; including both H3N2 & H3N8 Influenza Vaccines.
     If your pup is long overdue on required vaccinations, we will require them to be
     administered at a minimum of one week before arrival at COH. This is for your
     pup's health & safety, as well as our other furry-guests.

 3. Your Pup's FOOD, packaged in individual "daily-baggies" is Fantastic & a big help  
    for me - but not required. The original bag or container for freshness is just fine.  
    Bringing their own food is not required, but is recommended being a sudden
    change in diet can sometimes cause upset stomach. IF you choose to not bring
    your pup's food from home, we will provide COH's House Dog Food.


 2. 3 FORMS will be e-mailed to you before your set Reservation Date. This            
    will allow time for you to look over everything, print and fill out in the comforts
    of  your home. You can also print the Forms from our Facebook page or  here

    on the Website. If you choose to not do this at home, you are welcome to do so  
    upon your arrival.


 4. OPTIONAL:: You are welcome to bring your pup's own bedding or toys to    
    keep in their private suite. 
A favorite blanket or one of your old t-shirts is
    recommended.. this fills their bedroom up with their favorite scent  - family.
Keep in mind that all belongings may not be returned in the same condition  
    they arrive in.
           COH is not responsible for any misplaced or damaged belongings

    We pamper the babies as if they were our very own!! So what you bring is    
    completely optional. We provide highly rated Kuranda beds, blankets,
    toys of all sizes, textures & noises (ha).. plus food and water bowls to fit your  
    pups specific needs. They won't go without, I can promise you that!! ;)

 5. PAYMENT for your pup's Full Stay is due at Drop-Off.
    Payment can be made with  your Debit / Credit Card or  Cash.
                                              CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED 
    You are welcome to pay with your Debit / Credit Card before you come to Check-In.
IF you pay in Cash at Check-In, you will receive $5 OFF your stay!!

Check List of What to Bring

Please Note because we are a smaller boarding facility and tend to book up; there will be a Required Deposit of $32 in order to reserve your pup's private suite & dates.
Once you submit the "Reservation Request Form," I will respond via
e-mail to confirm if the dates requested are available.
Once that information is clarified,
you may pay the deposit with your Debit or Credit Card through PayPal.

(Checks are not accepted.) 
Until payment has been received -
your suite will not be held.

IF you make a reservation and pay the deposit, but your plans change -
I will happily refund the deposit back to you immediately as long as you have given a
2 Days Notice.
During Holidays or Peak Seasons, a

3 Days Notice will be required.


SHOTS:: All pups must be Current
on their DHLPP, Rabies
Bordetella & Influenza vaccines. Shown with Vet Documentation.

AGE:: 4 Months or older. With 
Completion of Full Vaccination 
{4x Boosters, Rabies,
Bordetella & Influena vaccines}

HEALTH:: It is required that
Males are Neutered by their
1st Birthday (or shortly after.)
Females that have had their
1st Heat Cycle (usually around
6 Months)
 will not be able
to stay with us until they've
been Spayed.

BEHAVIOR:: All pups must be
Non-Aggressive to either humans
or other pups. They must also not
be a "Fence Jumper."

 Click on the PDF Files to View
and Print. Then Fill Out
Forms at your convenience.
There are
3 Forms needed from
Each Family::


Here is a COH Information Sheet for quick reference, if you would like
to print and have on hand::



17206 W. Sardis Rd
Bauxite, AR.  72011
Saline County

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